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Elaboration of BETWEEN


                                                                                                     Fu Meng


My work BETWEEN discusses the subject of existence, time and space. When the rapid development of society changes the relationship between human beings and space-time, it affects human’s living way. I tried to express how the change of human spiritual level influences the space-time structure by means of pure objective techniques, and show the relearned cognition to the world under such influece. Combining images and digital techniques, I cut and arranged the space on the timeline in the program, in order to explore the changes of space and time. Pedestrian in my work are the kinetic energy crossing over the space. They make up the flowing time and mirror the complex relationship between human and the present society. They replace the space composed of human consciousness. Various visual elements create new visual aesthetics under the changed temporal and spatial form and make images to produce new moral and metaphors. BETWEEN series are comprised of time and space parts.

Time series of BETWEEN observes the present society in the perspective of time. It reflects that human's inner spiritual world is replaced by sociality, and human beings gradually turn into running machines and integrate into the huge social order. I dissociated and ordered the space from the linear timeline, and replaced spatial scenes by time length. That is because people prefer linear developing time, which brings the sense of oder and unrealistically optimistic sense of progress. The variation of space and time is included, showing that we are always marching towards clear and stable rules, which try to regulate each one under the present society on the mechanical and cold pathway. When viewers try to seek true social scenes from non-representational images, they find that the work doesn't only repeat the reality, and then they rethink about themselves between virtual reality and represented reality. They seek a more free way and liberate themselves in the reality.

In space series of BETWEEN, the space is perceived from scenes and time orders, while other possibilities contained in the same space may not be perceived due to the lack of imagination. In order to facilitate the exploration, I deconstructed images within a time period into two images in the form of section under adverse time-space series. Buildings in the space are comparatively the same, while moving people dislocate in space and all people appear visual reversal. This performance of the contradiction indistinctly shows us secrets hiding in time-space. Provided that the time-space we are experiencing is a compressed section, I separated and expanded such section. Each section becomes an elastic time-space, only in which all details dissociated from our cognition can be expressed and touched, and are not any imagined truth. The work presents the disorder and contradiction of space, which reflects the real society. In my opinion, it is also a psychogenic and social space. At the same time when people consume the urban space, the latter brings us repression, confusion, boredom and fantasy.

All the human beings live in some form of reality, and I just tried to express the relationship between human and time and space, as well as the way we treat things. The most fascinating point of artistic behavior is the process to explore more possibilities. During the continuous trying, we find miracles in the life and hidden details.

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